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Loook! It's the Dragon! It's the Dragon!



Something else...I had a dream a litte while ago about Voldenort's return

It stareted a bit like the fight at the near end of OotP, only that this one ended reallyreally bad. I was Harry Potter, and Herione was lying on the stone floor, apparently dead. Then "I" was dragged away by Dumbledore, and before I knew it, I was back in the Gryffindor Tower. There I got the message that Voldemort had fully returned, and the only chance for the opposing wizards to survive was to travel into space until Voldemort had died (kinda useless...). Just in case of something like this should happen, Dumbledore had put an ancient spell over the four House Towers, so they were transformed to space ships!
Sadly enough, neither Ron nor Ginny was aboard in the tower, so I (still Harry Potter) sat down on the floor and wept my eyes out - until someone tapped my head and it was Hermione! She was not dead after all and had been sent after the Tower, and she tried to comfort me by telling that Ron was allright (wherever he was), and he did have Ginny.
After this it was mostly rubbish...we had a little TV on top of canned fish, which I discovered was meat of abused spanish bulls, so I tore the TV down and threw the cans around in rage.

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