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Favs for HBP

I'm really interested in seeing what everyone thinks about HBP...

1. What was your favorite chapter? Least favorite?

2. Favorite character? Least favorite?

3. Favorite ship? Least favorite?

And finally, how's HBP on your list of favorite books?

Just being nosy curious. :)

1. I have a few; The Secret Riddle, A Very Frosty Christmas, and The Phoenix Lament. There weren't any chapters that I really disliked.

2. My favorite character has always been Lupin, always. I like Luna and Tonks as well. I dunno, I think everyone agrees SNAPE is the one to be hated here...I didn't like Scrimgeour either, and while I really miss Dumbledore, he did seem to be getting a little--do I dare--cocky.

3. [Grins] Lupin/Tonks, of course. It didn't surprise me, but I was happy it happened, Moony needs somebody. Erm, least favorite...Won Won/Lav Lav. But I'm not against her putting it in, just the ship itself, and I think a lot of people would stop complaining if they read this:

JKR: But Ron — I had a lot of fun with that in this book. I really enjoyed writing the Ron/Lavender business, and the reason that was enjoyable was Ron up to this point has been quite immature compared to the other two and he kind of needed to make himself worthy of Hermione. Now, that didn't mean necessarily physical experience but he had to grow up emotionally and now he's taken a big step up. Because he's had the meaningless physical experience - let’s face it, his emotions were never deeply engaged with Lavender -

[Much laughter in which Melissa emits a "Won-Won"]

JKR: - and he's realized that that is ultimately not what he wants, which takes him a huge emotional step forward.

(From the Mugglenet/Leaky Cauldron interview)

HBP was my favorite so far, but I believe the seventh will be better still.

And if you go to JKR's site, the news section, the very first one, talks about how so much of book six relates to book seven that she feels she's writing part one of a two part book. And I believe it, I can't wait for the seventh one.

Your turn!
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